Misc Decals | Rim, Betor, Telesco Shock, Fender, Frame, etc

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Reproduction replacement decals for Bultaco & other fine European bikes. High-quality vinyl decals. Please read the following description(s) closely. Any questions, call or email.


Made in Spain Decals

  • "Made in Spain" Clear background.

Rim Decals

  • Akront "Made in Spain" Yellow.
  • Akront "Made in Spain" Green.

Shock Decals

  • Betor Shock "Triangle" Silver. Early Betor shocks to Model 85.
  • Telesco Shock. For Telesco equipped Pursang's & other bikes.
  • Betor "GAS" Shock. Silver. MK7/MK7/MK9 Pursang Gas shocks and other bikes.
  • Betor Shock "Rectangle/Square". Silver. Late Bultacos shocks and other bikes.

Fender Decals