Service & Restoration Work

See our work here: Work - Bultaco
We restore, rebuild, and repair Bultaco's of models from '58 to '82. 75cc-370cc. All work is done in house. All work is done to a minimum "mechanically safe condition" standard. Also, we do repair, rebuild, and restore vintage Montesa's, Ossa's and Husqvarna's.


Our major deal is repairing Bultaco motorcycles that have been "restored and/or rebuilt" from other shops around the country.


Our shop rate as of Oct. 19, 2022 is: $95/hour + parts, materials & consumables.

We count the hours as honestly as possible. Yes, we know this is less than the other shops who charge $110-$150 or more an hour to do work on these bikes that we then get to repair and finish. As the economy recovers we will raise our rates as appropriate for the quality of work we do.


What upgrades and/or modifications we do:

  • Changing the wheel bearings to rubber sealed (that aren't)
  • Use higher rated bearings in the engine for longer service life where appropriate
  • Stainless steel hardware where appropriate
  • Aluminum and/or Delrin front engine mounts on MK9 and up Pursang's & Frontera's for great weight savings, less galling & seizing of bolts and a longer service life.
  • Aluminum and/or stainless wheel spacers for weight savings, less galling - seizing and rusting and a longer service life.
  • Repairing swing-arms & frames



    • Using 32:1,  50:1, 60:1 Synthetic 2-stroke Oil Premix (goodbye bearings and most likely piston, rings & rod)
    • Epoxying or Gluing of anything!
    • Soaking oil seals in threadlocker
    • Gasket sealer - there is ZERO
    • Using threadlocker where there is suppose to be ZERO
    • Using the wrong fluids
    • Over-torquing or to the extreme (damaging components)
    • Using stainless steel studs in the main case for it & the cylinder as they are weaker & more brittle (Stainless Yield Strength: 25,000 psi-30,000 psi) (Steel Yield Strength: 60,000psi on up)
    • Drilling holes in head, barrel, brake parts, gas tank, etc
    • Pressing the liner out with a press - breaks liner
    • Boring out the liner "to make it work right!"
    • Removing the liner "to make it work right!"
    • Using an wore out/rusted/stretched primary chain in an engine rebuild for whatever reason
    • Using worn out rod bearings in an engine rebuild for whatever reason
    • Welding clutch adjustment parts, so the clutch can't be adjusted
    • Installing Japanese, American or other European bike parts "to make it work right"
    • Installing extra parts "to make it work right"
    • Installing parts from other vendors that claim "to make it work right"
    • Using a bearing puller to remove bearings which cracks the main cases and wheel hubs
    • Modifying the gas tanks so that replacement Bultaco parts can't be used
    • Modifying the forks "to make it work right" which then doesn't
    • Using incorrect seat parts & components


    Prices can change at anytime without notice.

    Oct. 2022 rate: $95/hour

    2021 rate until Oct: $65/hour - all work unfinished as of the price change will be honored at the earlier agreed upon rate.