Engine Work

We restore and rebuild engines correctly. General service available too. All correct parts & fluids per model number used to original Bultaco factory of Spain specs. All work is done in house.

Also, we will repair all “rebuilt” engines from all other sources.

Engine Work

We do professional engine work. No need to look any farther for correctly done engine work to original factory specifications.  We can assist you with your mechanical or cosmetic needs.

Crankshaft Rebuilding and Balancing

We can rebuild/true your 2-stroke & 4-stroke crankshaft. Rebuilding includes replacing the rod, pin, bearing and crank washers then set the journal spacing to factory specifications. Please give us a call!

Cylinder Liner/Sleeve Boring and Honing

We bore and hone your liner/sleeve bringing it back to life! Good straight bores with correct piston ring clearance add life back to your engine and prevent the most common mistakes such as piston seizure from the wrong clearance.

Bultaco Basic Engine Rebuild starts @ $2800

Our basic rebuild can get you going with a deposit of $1K and reminder due when finished.

Our basic rebuild includes the following new parts: Rod kit, piston kit, crank & gearbox seal kit, crank & gearbox bearing kit, gasket kit (including head for late Bul's), clutch rod bearings & seals, spark plug, main case hardware, selector hardware and engine cover bolts kit. 

Prices as of Feb. 2021. Can change at anytime without notice.

Bultaco Comprehensive Engine Rebuild starts @ $4500

Our comprehensive rebuild includes basic plus the following with a deposit of $2K.

New ignition system (our choice), primary chain, clutch basket bearing, correct clutch pack & springs, and clutch rod, more new hardware, engine break-in and 2 hour run time.

We require your complete bike -or- your carburetor must be included!

Prices as of Feb. 2021. Can change at anytime without notice.

Repair Work

Do you have an engine that a non-specialty shop or a specialty Bultaco shop says can't be fixed? Such as stuck parts, glued/epoxied components in the engine, missing parts, broken parts and more? Look no further. We are the only place who does these repairs for Bultaco's. Not mention, we are the only place making hard engine parts to original Bultaco factory specs to replace parts that cannot be used anymore.