Brake & Suspension Work

We restore and rebuild your Bultaco brakes and Betor forks correctly.  All work is done in house. Brake and fork work is done to a minimum "mechanically safe condition" standard.


Fork fluids are as close to the original composition as possible, weight and quantity according to original factory documentation from Bultaco of Spain.


Also, we will repair “rebuilt/restored” Betor forks from all other sources.

Fork Seal Replacement

We do professional work. Just need fork seal replacement? We can do that for you from the earliest 4 speed to the last MK12 bike. From 75cc to 370cc.  Regular forks to long travel.

Included: Disassembly, basic cleaning, reassembly,  rubber boots reused if undamaged, new  seals, new seal clips (if applicable), new drain plug gaskets & correct fluids a part of this service.

Extra: New Rubber dust guards, new stainless steel damper bolts, new stainless steel drain screws

Please note: If you have thread-locked, epoxied or glue parts there is an extra charge to clean & repair.

Betor 35mm forks - removed from bike; epoxied & thread locked R Betor 35mm - Glued seals removed, cleaning next35mm Betors - new seals & clip, properly installed35mm Betors - assembled, with rubber boot


Brake Shoe Disassembly & Cleaning

Just need your brakes cleaned? We do a complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection and reassembly.  We cover all brakes from the early 4-speed to the last MK12. Also, we do the o-ring and zerked brakes.

The brake shoes are reused - unless they need to be replaced and using them would be mechanically unsafe. New o-rings and zerks included.  Starts @ $180 front & rear

Note: We do remove as much of the old grease, etc from brake shoe cams (with zerks) as possible.

Pursang MK10 brake shoes disassembled & cleanedPursang MK10 brake shoes in progress new zerks & o-rings

Brake Rebuild & Restoration

Includes the disassembly & cleaning inside and out, new brake shoes, and a light polish to give that quality pop you need. Starts @ $390 front & rear

Powdercoated & painted assemblies (to remove and in addition) starts @ $150

Not all brake shoes can be replaced at this time because not all sizes are being reproduced. Very low amount of linings available.

Betor Fork Rebuilds & Restorations

For 4-speed thru 6-speed Bultaco's. Includes complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, & reassembly.

Included new parts: seals, o-rings, seal clips, rubber boots, fluids, stainless steel damper bolts, stainless steel drain screws in both correct head types, other hardware (where applicable), damper clips & gaskets (if applicable), missing parts (where applicable), and new correct length fork springs (where applicable).

Repairs, re-chroming or repainting is as encountered and by customer request. As we have more parts available our list of new parts included will expand. Starting @ $300 + shipping (if you are sending to us)

Please note: If you have thread-locked, epoxied or glue parts there is an extra charge to clean & repair. Starting @ $85


Prices can change at anytime without notice.