Wheel, Sprocket & Chain Work

We restore and rebuild your Bultaco wheels and Akront rims correctly.  All work is done in house. All work done to a minimum "mechanically safe condition" standard.


We do NOT drill out the spoke holes like other sources do. Also, we do NOT glue/epoxy wheel bearing + seals like other sources do.


Also, we will repair “rebuilt/restored” Bultaco wheels/rims from all other sources.

Wheel Bearing & Seal Replacement

We do professional work. Just need bearing or bearing & seal replacement? We can do that for you from the earliest 4 speed to the last MK12 bike. From 75cc to 370cc.  Regular forks to long travel.

Disassembly, basic cleaning, reassembly, bearings and seals (if applicable) is a part of this service. Starts @ $95 a rim/wheel OR @ $180 front & rear

Note: Missing Wheel Spacers, substantial cleaning, epoxy, glue, thread locker is EXTRA


Sprocket & Chain Replacement

Just need a new chain or a sprocket? We do a complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection and reassembly.  We cover all from the early 4-speed to the last MK12. We use genuine JORESA brand chain just like the factory. Price includes disassembly, basic cleaning, reassembly and new chain.

Chain Starts @ $150 428 or 520

Note: We do remove as much of the old grease, etc from the sprocket area as possible.

Prices can change at anytime without notice.