Vintage Racing Venues

Here you will find one the biggest worldwide public listings of the racing, associations & clubs in North America.

To added to our list, please contact us. The fee is $5 usd per year (y) or $25 usd for 5 years (5) or $100 lifetime fee (L). We plan to be around for at least another 40 years.



MOVMX - Missouri Vintage Motocross (F)

TVRC - Texas Vintage Motorcycle Club (F)

Rocky Mountain Vintage Motocross Club - Rocky Mountain Vintage Motocross Club (F). In Colorado.

OCZMZ - Original CZ World Championships (F). In CA.

SEVMZ - Southeast Vintage Motocross (F). Sunny Alabama/Georgia.

SSVMX - Sunshine State Vintage Motocross Club, Inc. (F). In Sunny Florida.


AHRMA Vintage Motocross - (F)


Flat Track/Dirt Track Racing

OKC Mile 1 & Mile II  - OKC, OK in June every year (F)

Great Plains Flat Track - Kansas (F)

SCFTA - Southern California Flat Track (F)

Siegecraft NW (F)

Vintage Flat Tracker - (F)

AHRMA Vintage Dirt Track - (F)


Observed Trials/Twinshock Trials

 AHRMA Vintage Trials - (F)


Desert Racing/Enduro/Hares

MOVMX - Missouri Vintage Motocross (F)


Grand Prix/Road Race

MotoAmerica Heritage Cup

AFM Racing Vintage

AHRMA Vintage Road Racing - (F)


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