Painting & Paint Work

We paint & restore all Bultaco parts including gas tanks, frames, barrels & heads, fork lower legs, etc.  All work is done in house. All work done to a minimum "mechanically safe condition" standard.


Also, we will repair “Paint or Powdercoated" parts from all other sources.

Gas Tank Painting

We do professional work with modern style reusable templates for all the patterns  & striping by Bultaco model number.


What we do: 

  • Any disassembly (such as gas caps, petcocks)
  • Basic wash to remove dirt, grime
  • Inspection of the outer tank
  • Internal cleaning of the tank to remove any gas, oil & fumes
  • Template of any NOS or 1 owner bike of any patterns or stripping (If applicable)
  • Careful complete stripping of paint from the tank
  • Inspection of revealed fiberglass surfaces
  • Prepwork and any repair
  • Primer and/or base coat
  • Prepwork between coats
  • Final Coat
  • Inspection & final prep/clean
  • Badge installation and any decals
  • Clear coat
  • Curing
  • Inspection
  • Any reassembly
  • Shipping or Pickup or Install on bike


Removal of Powedercoat & Repair of Fiberglass adds 30% or MORE to the final bill

Note: Decals & Tank Badges, Gas Tank repair, etc EXTRA

Side Panel Painting

Just need side panels painted? We can do that for with original factory side panels or new side panels we bring over from Spain.  We cover all from the early 4-speed to the last MK12.

What we do is exactly like the gas tank.

Frame & Swing-arm Painting


Prices can change at anytime without notice.