Ignition & Magneto Work

We repair, restore and rebuild your FEMSA & MOTOPLAT ignition systems and magnetos correctly. Bosch ignition systems/magnetos and other brands by inquiry. All work is done in house.


Also, we will repair “rebuilt/restored” ignition systems from all other sources.

Magneto Re-charging & Repair

Non-existent magnetic field? Weak magnetic field? Magnetic field only in one area? We can usually get it repaired in a jiffy for you. Femsa, Motoplat, Bosch internal and external magnetos.

Work includes through cleaning, inspection and recharging. Starts @ $125 + shipping to us

Removal of potting compound, epoxy, glue, etc from magnets is EXTRA.

We can do all other brands as well. The only delay might be making correct attachments to mount your magneto.

Stator Rewinding

We can rewind your FEMSA ignition coils & lighting coils! Also, we can rewind your MOTOPLAT and BOSCHS too! Brand new American made or European made copper magnet wire is used in the correct diameter and number of windings.

Magnet wire is also called winding wire and motor winding wire.

Please inquire.

Stator Repair & General work

Includes complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection and reassembly. New hardware & felt strips for Bultaco FEMSA & MOTOPLAT systems. Some new hardware for Husqvarna FEMSA & MOTOPLAT systems. Starts @ $175

Points & condenser replacement for Femsa, Motoplat, Bosch & others depending on parts availability.

Removal of potting compound, epoxy, glue, etc from anything is EXTRA.

Ignition Timing

We do correct ignition timing starting at the points (if applicable) on up to the engine. Yes, we can solve the backwards running problem! Complete bike in running condition is required. Starts @ $75

Correct spark plugs, spark plug boots, kill button, high tension coil wire, high tension coil, any harness repair, magneto or stator repair is EXTRA.


Prices can change at anytime without notice.