1) How to Order:

A) By Website, B) By Phone, C) By Text, D) By Email (new mail-order) E) By Ebay
Email orders are 24/7 and will be processed on the next business day. Calling? Please leave a message.


2) How to Pay:

A) Credit Card, B) Debt Card, C) US Bank Cashier's Check/Money Order, D) Cash, E) PayPal, F) Silver/Gold*  *as allowed by State Law - contact us first


3) How Quick Do We Ship:

A) Processing: Same or up to 3 days.
B) US 1st Class shipping speed up to 10 days
C) US Priority shipping 3 days normally
D) Fedex shipping - varies based on service selected
E) UPS shipping -varies based on service selected


4) How to Get Something Real Quick:

A) Let Us Know! Get same day processing and be prepared to pay Fedex/UPS or USPS Express/Overnight fees


5) Special Order(s)* Information: 50% down payment on each item/part. Rest due/Remainder including shipping after we receive & inspect each item/part. Down payment not refundable under any circumstance.

5a) Sp. Order Rest Due/Remainder Info: You have (14) days to pay starting on the day we notify you by email (in writing). No payment - no part. Starting on the (15) day @ 7:00AM CST, that Sp. Order part is available for purchase by any other interested party.

5b) Any unforeseen difficulty paying the Rest Due/Remainder: Please call and leave a message as soon as possible or email as soon as possible.

6) Where do your products come from?

Spain, USA, all of Europe, the UK, and SE Asia. In the order of most to least.


7) I have questions about fitment or I don't know how to tell if a part fits my Bultaco

1: Please check the fitment on the individual product page for your model number.
2: Please email or text us the number on the frame and/or motor. Allow up to 24 hours for us to get back to you.
3: Please see this video on how to id your Bultaco model
4: Call for any other questions


8) Are manuals for sale?

Yes! We have factory workshop manuals and individual parts books.


9) Is such & such part available?

Please search our website by factory Bultaco or Montesa/Ossa part number first. Either:
A) Email us with the part number & your model number, qty needed or
B) Send a picture of the item, brief description, model number & qty needed


10) What if you are out of something I want to buy?

Please contact us by email and we will let you know the restock time. Because of high turnover on many items or difficultly getting stock in quantity, you may want to reserve by Special Order.


11) What oils do I use?



12) Torque Values?


13) I need service.



14) Can I visit on site?



15) Do you sponsor?



16) Why did you use BultacoClassics.com (at one point in time)?

BultacoClassics.com was chosen to harmonize with our eBay store bultacoclassics. Then we found another business picked up that name to use with many others.

So we decided on Bultaco Oklahoma aka BultacoOK aka Bultaco of Oklahoma aka Oklahoma Bultaco. Our ebay store was changed to harmonize with new name.

17) We claim the following names: Bultaco Oklahoma aka BultacoOK aka Bultaco of Oklahoma aka Oklahoma Bultaco aka OK Bultaco and all other variants.

circa 10/2017.


"Special Order(s)"*, "Sp. Order" - Out of stock or current non-stock part in our inventory that is available for purchase.