Help us reach the next level and reach the stars!!!

We are now taking donations to reach the next level. We know times are tough and getting tougher. No one wants to fix anything and they all get in the way of those who do.

Banks don't care if you have good finances or good intentions. Goodness knows where anyone else is.

We want to add modern industrial additive manufacturing to our business right here in Oklahoma, the middle of America - flyover county, you know the place that doesn't matter? Along with reaching for crankshafts, barrels, heads, & more.

While we have to start small in a small cramped location, our vision is a farm of over 100 industrials machines. Providing parts and real items that China was making (theoretically) or has been unavailable going back to the 60s or even earlier.

Helping to support America from sea to shining sea.



Not a charitable deduction.
Just want to help out with machining costs or because you support what we do? That's okay. You can use the button above.


Physical donations

We are taking physical donations of vintage motorcycles, parts, literature & more. Also, we take physical donations of other assets too.

Don't know what to do with Dad's/Grandpa's/Uncle's vintage motorcycles & parts? Please consider donating to us instead of throwing away or taking it to the landfill. Only interested in Bultaco, CZ, Ducati (WW2-75), Hodaka, Husqvarna (to 89), Montesa, MZ, Ossa, Penton, Sachs, etc.

*signed Bill of Sale needed for motors, frames & bikes or signed title


Q: Why should I think of donating?

A: We only ask that you should consider it if you feel it is the right thing to do by God, the universe or the Aether. We are not connected to the bad old paradigm in way, shape or form. We need help to reach the next level.

Q: Is my donation refundable?

A: No.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: No

Q: What if I want to see what is being done with my donation?

A: Fair warning if you show up, you maybe handed a tool and put to work, real work like back in the 70s. If we get the additive machines, we will upload to Youtube, social media, email list, our website and thank our donors (if Paypal will give the information).

Q: Be honest. How much do you need to get started on Additive manufacturing?

A: $20,000 for (2) or (3) industrial machines plus everything else you need except design software

Q: I want to do a physical donation, but I can't move or arrange shipping/delivery.

A: If you are within a 6 hr one-way drive, we might be able to come to you. Depending on what it is or how much.